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Starburst Publications

1 Berry, M V, Clark, R C, & Rijnierse, P J 1965, Proc.Phys.Soc 86, 242-4 'Note on the invariance of the phase difference between two waves'. pdf file
2 Berry, M V, 1965, 'The diffraction of light by ultrasound', PhD Thesis, St Andrews University.  
3 Berry, M V, 1966, The diffraction of light by ultrasound (Academic Press).  
4 Berry, M V, 1966, Physica 32, 1582-90, 'Solution of the Raman-Nath Equation for light diffracted by ultrasound at normal incidence'. pdf file
5 Berry, M V, 1966, Proc.Phys.Soc 88, 285-92, 'Semiclassical scattering phase shifts in the presence of metastable states'. pdf file
6 Berry, M V, 1966, Proc.Phys.Soc 89, 479-90, 'Uniform approximation for potential scattering involving a rainbow'. pdf file
7 Lloyd, P, & Berry, M V 1967, Proc.Phys.Soc 91, 678-88, 'Wave propagation through an assembly of spheres IV. Relations between different multiple scattering theories'. pdf file
8 Berry, M V, 1967, Uniformly approximate solutions for short-wave problems. (SERC research report). pdf file
9 Berry, M V, 1968, Engineering Outline 152, 779-82 'Liquid Structure Theory'. pdf file
10 Berry, M V, 1969, Science Progress (Oxford) 57, 43-64 'Uniform approximation:  a new concept in wave theory'. pdf file
11 Berry, M V, 1969, J.Phys.B 2, 381-92 'Uniform approximations for glory scattering and diffraction peaks'. pdf file
12 Berry, M V, 1969, Engineering Outline, 187, 121-4 'Rheology'. pdf file
13 Berry, M V, 1970, Engineering Outline, 230, 581-4 'Liquid surface physics'. pdf file
14 Berry, M V, & Gibbs, D F, 1970, Proc. R. Soc. A 314, 143-52, 'The interpretation of optical projections'. pdf file
15 Berry, M V, & Reznek, S R, 1971, J.Phys.A 4, 77-84, 'A simple theory for the densities of coexistent liquid and vapour through the transition region'. pdf file
16 Berry, M V, 1971, J.Phys.C 4, 697-722, 'Diffraction in crystals at high energies'. pdf file
17 Berry, M V, 1971, 'Transition from quantum to classical theory for HEED', (in Proc. 25th Anniv.meeting Emag Inst.Phys (UK)) 122-4. pdf file
18 Berry, M V, 1971, Physics Education, 6, 79-84, 'The molecular mechanism of surface tension'. pdf file
19 Berry, M V, 1972, Science Progress, 60, 125-8, review of Introduction to meterological optics, by R A R Tricker. pdf file
20 Berry, M V, Durrans, R F, Evans, R, 1972, J.Phys.A 5, 166-70, 'The calculation of surface tension for simple liquids'. pdf file
21 Berry, M V, 1972, J.Phys.A 5, 272-91, 'On deducing the form of surfaces from their diffracted echoes'. pdf file
22 Berry, M V, 1972, Physics Education, 7, 1-6, 'Reflections on a Christmas-tree bauble'. pdf file
23 Berry, M V, & Mount, K E, 1972, Reps.Prog.Phys 35, 315-97, 'Semiclassical approximations in wave mechanics'. pdf file
24 Doyle, P A, & Berry, M V, 1972, 'Semiclassical prediction of increased penetration near certain voltages' in Proc.EMCON, 72, pp 452-3. pdf file
25 Berry, M V, & Buxton, B F, 1972, 'A new interpretation of bend contours in terms of semiclassical mechanics'. in Proc.EMCON 72, pp 454-5. pdf file
26 Berry, M V, & Ozorio de Almeda, A, 1972, 'Towards a manageable theory for cross-grating HEED' in Proc.EMCON 72, pp 456-7. pdf file
27 Nye, J F, Berry, M V, & Walford, M E R, 1972, Nature, 240, No. 97, 7-9, 'Measuring the change in thickness of the Antarctic ice sheet'. pdf file
28 Berry, M V, 1972, Times Higher Education Supplement 24.11.1972, Review of Relativistic Quantum Theory, by Lifshitz et al. pdf file
29 Berry, M V, 1973, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A., 273, 611-54, 'The statistical properties of echoes diffracted from rough surfaces'. pdf file
30 Berry, M V, & Doyle, P A, 1973 J.Phys.C, 6, L6-9, 'Interpreting electron micrographs of amorphous solids'. pdf file
31 Doyle, P A, & Berry, M V, 1973, Z.fur Naturforsch, 28a, 571-6, 'Absorption and penetration in the semiclassical theory of high-energy electron diffraction'. pdf file
32 Berry, M V, & Ozorio de Almeida, A M, 1973, J.Phys.A, 6, 1451-60, 'Semiclassical approximation of the radial equation with two-dimensional potentials'. pdf file
33 Berry, M V, Buxton, B F, & Ozorio de Almeida, A M, 1973, Radiation effects, 20, 1-24, 'Between wave and particle - the semiclassical method for interpreting high-energy electron micrographs in crystals'. pdf file
34 Nye, J F, & Berry, M V, 1974, Proc. R. Soc. A 336, 165-90, 'Dislocations in wave trains'. pdf file
35 Berry, M V, 1974, J.Phys.A 7, 231-45, 'Simple fluids near rigid solids - statistical mechanics of density and contact angle'. pdf file
36 Atkinson, P, & Berry, M V, 1974, J.Phys.A, 7, 1293-302, 'Random noise in ultrasonic echoes diffracted by blood'. pdf file
37 Buxton, B F, & Berry, M V, 1974, 'A General theory of the critical voltage effect' in High-voltage electron microscopy, ed. Swann et al, Academic press, 60-3. pdf file
38 Berry, M V, & Greenwood, D A, 1975, Am.J.Phys, 43, 91, 'On the ubiquity of the sine wave'. pdf file
39 Berry, M V, 1974, Science Progress, 61, 595-7, review of The optics of rays, wavefronts and caustic, by O N Stavroudis. pdf file
40 Berry, M V, 1975, Nature, 254, 465, review of Introductory eigenphysics by C A Croxton. pdf file
41 Berry, M V, 1975, J.Phys.A, 8, 566-84, 'Cusped rainbows and incoherence effects in the rippling-mirror model for particle scattering from surfaces'. pdf file
42 Berry, M V, 1975, Science Progress, 62, 356-60, review of Gravitation, by G W Misner, K Thome and J AWheeler. pdf file
43 Berry, M V, 1975, Times Higher Educational Supplement review of 'Quantum Physics and Ordinary Language' by T Bergstein. pdf file
44 Berry, M V, 1975, Journal of Glaciology, 15, 65-74, 'Theory of radio echoes from glacier beds'. pdf file
45 Berry, M V, 1975, Surface Science, Vol 1, 291-327, 'Liquid Surfaces', IAEA-SMR-15/9. pdf file
46 Berry, M V, 1975, Science Progress , 62, 638-40, review of System Identification: method and applications by H H Kagiwada. pdf file
47 Berry, M V, 1975, J.Phys.A 8, 1952-71, 'Attenuation and focussing of electromagnetic surface waves rounding gentle bends'. pdf file
48 Berry, M V, 1976, Physics Bulletin, March, 107-8, 'Waves as catastrophes'.
pdf file
49 Berry, M V, 1976, Advances in Physics, 25, 1-26, 'Waves and Thom's theorem'. pdf file
50 Berry, M V, 1976, Nature, 261, 174 review of Twentieth Century Physics, by Joseph Norwood. pdf file
51 Berry, M V, & Tabor, M, 1976, Proc. R. Soc. A 349, 101-23, 'Closed orbits and the regular bound spectrum'. pdf file
52 Buxton, B F, & Berry, M V, 1976, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A. 282, (No 1308), 485-525. 'Bloch wave degeneracies in systematic high energy electron diffraction'. pdf file
53 Berry, M V, 1976, in The greatest thinkers (ed. de Bono) Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Essays on Maxwell and Einstein. pdf file
54 Berry, M V, 1976, Principles of cosmology and gravitation, (Cambridge University Press).  
55 Berry, M V, & Tabor, M, 1977, J.Phys.A 10, 371-9, 'Calculating the bound spectrum by path summation in action-angle variables'. pdf file
56 Berry, M V, & Nye, J F, 1977, Nature, 267, 34-6, 'Fine structure in caustic junctions'. pdf file
57 Berry, M V, & Mackley, M R, 1977, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A., 287, 1-16 (No.1337). 'The six roll mill: unfolding an unstable persistently extensional flow'. pdf file
58 Berry, M V, 1977, J.Phys.A 10, 2061-81, 'Focusing and twinkling: critical exponents from catastrophes in non-Gaussian random short waves'. pdf file
59 Navascues, G, & Berry, M V, 1977, Mol.Phys, 34, 649-64. 'The statistical mechanics of wetting'. pdf file
60 Berry, M V, & Hannay, J H, 1977, J.Phys.A 10, 1809-21, 'Umbilic points on Gaussian random surfaces'. pdf file
61 Berry, M V, & Tabor, M, 1977, Proc. R. Soc. A 356, 375-94, 'Level clustering in the regular spectrum'. pdf file
62 Berry, M V, 1977, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A.287, 237-71, 'Semi-classical mechanics in phase space: a study of Wigner's function'. pdf file
63 Berry, M V, 1977, J.Phys.A 10, L193-4, 'Remarks on degeneracies of semiclassical energy levels'. pdf file
64 Berry, M V, 1977, J.Phys.A, 10, 2083-91. 'Regular and irregular semiclassical wave functions'. pdf file
65 Berry, M V, 1977, in The Fontana dictionary of modern thought, (Collins/Fontana: A Bullock and O Stallybrass, eds.)about 200 entries on physics.
66 Berry, M V, 1977, J.Sci.Ind.Res (New Delhi) 36, No.3 103-5, 'Catastrophe theory: a new mathematical tool for scientists'. pdf file
66a Berry, M V, 1977 Nature 270 382-383  pdf file
67 Berry, M V, 1978, J.Phys.A,11, 27-37. 'Disruption of wavefronts: statistics of dislocations in incoherent Gaussian random waves'. pdf file
68 Berry, M V, 1978, Nature, 271, 486, Review of 'Catastrophe theory:selected papers 972-1977' by E C Zeeman. pdf file
69 Berry, M V, Physics Bulletin, 29, 177, Review of Elements of wave propagation in random media by B J Uscinski. pdf file
70 Berry, M V, & Hannay, J H, 1978, Nature, 273, 573 Comment on 'Topography of Random Surfaces' by R S Sayles and T R Thomas, Nature, 271, 431-4, 1978. pdf file
71 Navascues, G, & Berry, M V, 1978, 'A statistical - mechanical theory for the solid-liquid interface' in Wetting, spreading and adhesion, ed. Padday, Academic Press, 83-92. pdf file
72 Berry, M V, 1978, Nature,274, 930 Review of Catastrophe theory: the revolutionary new way of understanding how things change
by A Woodcock and M Davis.
pdf file
73 Berry, M V, 1978 Nature, 275, 75-6. Review of Catastrophe theory and its applications by T Poston and I Stewart. pdf file
74 Berry, M V,1978, La Recherche 92, 760-8 'Les Jeux de lumiÃ(r)re dans l'eau'. pdf file
75 Berry, M V, 1978, 'Catastrophes in semiclassical mechanics' in Rencontre de CARGESE sur les singularites et leurs applications' ed. F Pham, 1975, p 133-5. pdf file
76 Berry, M V, 1978, 'Regular and Irregular Motion' in Topics in Nonlinear Mechanics, ed. S Jorna, Am.Inst.Ph.Conf.Proc No.46, 16-120. pdf file
77 Berry, M V, & Balazs, N L, 1979, J.Phys.A 12, 625-42 'Evolution of semiclassical quantum states in phase space'. pdf file
78 Berry, M V, & Balazs, N L, 1979, Am.J.Phys 4, 264-7 'Nonspreading wave packets'. pdf file
79 Berry, M V, Nye, J F, & Wright, F J, 1979, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A. 291, 453-84, 'The elliptic umbilic diffraction catastrophe'. pdf file
80 Berry, M V, 1979, J.Phys.A12, 781-97, 'Diffractals'. pdf file
81 Berry, M V, 1979 'Catastrophe and fractal regimes in random waves' in Structural stability in physics' ,eds.W Güttinger and H Eikemeier, Springer, 43-50. pdf file
82 Berry, M V, 1979, 'Distribution of modes in fractal resonators', in Structural stability in physics, eds W Güttinger and H Eikemeier, Springer, 51-3. pdf file
83 Berry, M V, 1979, 'Catastrophe and stochasticity in semiclassical quantum mechanics', in Structural stability in physics, eds W Güttinger and 
H Eikemeier, Springer, 122-5.
pdf file
84 Berry, M V, Balazs, N L, Tabor, M, & Voros, A, 1979, Ann.Phys N.Y. 122, 26-63, 'Quantum maps'. pdf file
85 Berry, M V, 1979, The Sciences, 19, No.8, 18-20, 'Forms of Light'. pdf file
86 Berry, M V, & Wright, F J, 1980, J.Phys.A 13, 149-60, 'Phase-space projection identities for diffraction catastrophes'. pdf file
87 Berry, M V, 1980, 'Quantization of mappings and other simple classical models', in Nonlinear Dynamics, ed. R H G Helleman, Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci, Vol. 357,183-202. pdf file
88 Berry, M V, 1980, ‘Some geometric aspects of wave motion: wavefront dislocations, diffraction catastrophes, diffractals', in Geometry of the Laplace operator , eds. R Osserman and A Weinstein, Proc.Symp.App.Maths 36, AMS, 13-28. pdf file
89 Berry, M V, & Upstill, C, 1980 Progress in Optics XVIII, 257-346, 'Catastrophe optics: morphologies of caustics and their diffraction patterns'. pdf file
90 Berry, M V, & Lewis, Z V, 1980, Proc. R. Soc. A 370, 459-484, 'On the Weierstrass-Mandedlbrot fractal function'. pdf file
91 Berry, M V, 1980, L'Astronomia, 5, 35-38, 'L'Atmosfera come laboratorio di ottica'. pdf file
92 Berry, M V, 1980, Nature, 285, 597. Review of Lattice Path Counting and Applications, by Sri Gopal Mohanty. pdf file
93 Berry, M V, 1980, Nature, 286, 191. Review of Bifurcation Theory and Applications in Scientific Disciplines, eds. O Gürel and O E Rössler. pdf file
94 Berry, M V, 1980, Nature, 286, 542. Review of Works on the Foundations of Statistical Physics, by N S Krylov. pdf file
95 Hannay, J H, & Berry, M V, 1980, Physica 1D, 267-290, 'Quantization of linear maps on a torus - Fresnel diffraction by a periodic grating. pdf file
96 Berry, M V, Chambers, R G, Large, M D, Upstill, C, & Walmsley, J C, 1980, Eur.J.Phys 1, 154-162, 'Wavefront dislocations in the Aharonov-Bohm effect and its water wave analogue'. pdf file
97 Berry, M V, 1980, Eur.J.Phys 1, 240-244, 'Exact Aharonov-Bohm wave function obtained by applying Dirac's magnetic phase factor'. pdf file
98 Berry, M V, 1981, Ann.Phys 131, 163-216, 'Quantizing a classically ergodic system: Sinai's billiard and the KKR method'. pdf file
99 Richens, P J, & Berry, M V, 1981, Physica 1D, 495-512, 'Pseudo-integrable systems in classical and quantum mechanics'. pdf file
100 Berry, M V, & Shepherd, P J, 1981, Physics Bulletin, 238, 'Physics and Weapons'. pdf file
101 Berry, M V, 1981, Eur.J.Phys 2, 22-28, 'A curious multifoliate caustic in the magnetic Green function'. pdf file
102 Berry, M V, 1981, Eur.J.Phys 2, 91-102, 'Regularity and chaos in classical mechanics, illustrated by three deformations of a circular billiard'. pdf file
103 Berry, M V, & Blackwell, T M, 1981 J.Phys.A 14, 3101-3110, 'Diffractal echoes'. pdf file
104 Korsch, H J, & Berry, M V, 1981, Physica 3D, 627-636, 'Evolution of Wigner's phase-space density under a non-integrable quantum map'. pdf file
105 Berry, M V, 1981, 'Singularities in Waves' in Les Houches Lecture Series Session XXXV, eds. R Balian, M KlÃ(c)man and J-P Poirier, North-Holland: Amsterdam, 453-543. pdf file
106 Berry, M V, 1982, J.Phys.A 15, L385-388, 'Wavelength-independent fringe spacing in rainbows from falling neutrons'. pdf file
107 Berry, M V, 1982, Review of Semiclassical approximation in quantum mechanics', by V P Maslov and M V Fedoriuk in Phys.Bull 33, 241. pdf file
108 Berry, M V, 1982 J.Phys.A 15, 2735-2749 'Universal power-law tails for singularity-dominated strong fluctuations'. pdf file
109 Berry, M V, 1982, Review of 'The Accidental Universe' by Paul Davies in Nature, 300, 133-4. pdf file
110 Berry, M V, 1982, J.Phys.A 15, 3693-3704, 'Semiclassical weak reflections above analytic and nonanalytic potential barriers'. pdf file
111 Berry, M V, & Hajnal, J V, 1983, Optica Acta 30, 23-40, 'The shadows of floating objects and dissipating vortices'. pdf file
112 Berry, M V, 1983, Review of The fractal geometry of nature, 
by B B Mandelbrot, in New Scientist 97, No.1342, 250.
pdf file
113 Berry, M V, 1983, Review of Image analysis and mathematical morphology by J Serra, in Physics Bulletin 34, 252. pdf file
114 Walker, J G, Berry, M V, & Upstill, C, 1983, Optica Acta 30, 1001-1010, 'Measurement of twinkling exponents of light focused by randomly rippling water'. pdf file
115 Berry, M V, 1983, 'Semiclassical Mechanics of regular and irregular motion' in Les Houches Lecture Series Session XXXVI, eds. G Iooss, R H G Helleman and R Stora, North Holland, Amsterdam, 171-271. pdf file
116 Berry, M V, 1983 Review of Regular and stochastic motion by A J Lichtenberg and M A Lieberman, in Nature 305, 456. pdf file
117 Berry, M V, Hannay, J H & Ozorio de Almeida, A M, 1983, Physica 8D, 229-242, 'Intensity moments of semiclassical wavefunctions'. pdf file
118 Berry, M V, 1984, 'Structures in semiclassical spectra: a question of scale' in The Wave-Particle Dualism, 231-252, eds. S Diner, D Fargue, 
G Lochak, F Selleri, (D Reidel).
pdf file
119 Berry, M V, & Wilkinson, M, 1984, Proc. R. Soc. A 392, 15-43, 'Diabolical points in the spectra of triangles'. pdf file
120 Berry, M V, 1984, Proc. R. Soc. A 392, 45-57, 'Quantal phase factors accompanying adiabatic changes'. pdf file
121 Wright, F J, & Berry, M V, 1984, J.Acoust.Soc.Amer 75, 733-748, 'Wave-front dislocations in the sound-field of a pulsed circular piston radiator'. pdf file
122 122 Berry, M V, 1984, J.Phys.A 17, 1225-1233, 'The adiabatic limit and the semiclassical limit'. pdf file
123 Berry, M V, & Klein, G, 1984, J.Phys.A 17, 1805-1815, 'Newtonian trajectories and quantum waves in expanding force fields'. pdf file
124 Berry, M V, 1984, Physica, 10D, 369-378, 'Incommensurability in an exactly-soluble quantal and classical model for a kicked rotator'. pdf file
125 Berry, M V, Indekeu, J O, Tabor, M, & Balazs, N L, 1984, Physica, 11D, 1-24, 'Nonlocal maps'. pdf file
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127 Berry, M V, 1984, Physics Letters, 104A, 306-9, 'Comment on "New Representation of Quantum Chaos"'. pdf file
128 Berry, M V, 1984, Phys.Bull 35, 338, Review of Sunsets, twilights and evening skies, by Aden and Marjorie Meinel. pdf file
129 Berry, M V, 1984, Phys.Bull 35, 437 Review of Universality in chaos, ed. by Predrag Cvitanovic. pdf file
130 Berry, M V, 1984 Bristol University Newsletter ,15 November, p.2, Obituary of P A M Dirac. pdf file
131 Berry, M V, 1984, Input, 37, 1164-1171, 'Patterns from nature'. pdf file
132 Berry, M V, 1985, J.Phys.A 18, 15-27, 'Classical adiabatic angles and quantal adiabatic phase'. pdf file
133 Berry, M V, 1985, Phys.Bull 36, 177 Review of Symplectic techniques in physics by Victor Guillemin and Shlomo Sternberg. pdf file
134 Berry, M V, 1985, 'Aspects of Degeneracy' in Chaotic behavior in quantum systems, ed.Giulio Casatil, Plenum, New York, 123-140. pdf file
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137 Berry, M V, 1985, Nature 315, 779, Review of An idiot's fugitive essays on science: methods, criticism, training, circumstances, by C Truesdell. pdf file
138 Tanner, L H, & Berry, M V, 1985, J.Phys.D 18, 1037-1061, 'Dynamics and optics of oil hills and oilscapes'. pdf file
139 Berry, M V, 1985, 'A problem in semiclassical adiabatic theory', in Mthodes Semiclassiques en Mchanique Quantique , eds. B Helffer et 
D Robert, Publications de L'UniversitÃ(c) de Nantes 23-27.
pdf file
140 Berry, M V, 1985, Proc. R. Soc. A 400, 229-251, 'Semiclassical theory of spectral rigidity'. pdf file
141 Berry, M V, 1985, Interview in Corriere della Provincia (Como), September 16.
142 Berry, M V, 1985, Nature 318, 241. Review of Deterministic chaos
by H G Schuster.
pdf file
143 Berry, M V, 1985, Prometheus 1, 41-79, 'Ipotesi di scala e fluttuazioni non gaussiane nella teoria catastrofica della onde', eds. Paolo Bisogno, Augusto Forti, (Italian translation of 'Scaling and nongaussian fluctuations in the catastrophe theory of waves'). pdf file
144 Berry, M V, 1986, 'Twinkling exponents in the catastrophe theory of random short waves' in Wave propagation and scattering
ed. B J Uscinsci, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 11-35.
pdf file
145 Berry, M V, & Robnik, M, 1986, J.Phys.A 19, 649-668, 'Statistics of energy levels without time-reversal symmetry: Aharonov-Bohm chaotic billiards'. pdf file
146 Robnik, M, & Berry, M V, 1986, J.Phys.A 19, 669-682, 'False time-reversal violation and energy level statistics: the role of anti-unitary symmetry'. pdf file
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148 Berry, M V, & Robnik, M, 1986, J.Phys.A 19, 1365-1372, 'Quantum states without time-reversal symmetry: wavefront dislocations in a non-integrable Aharonov-Bohm billiard'. pdf file
149 Berry, M V, & Percival, I. C, 1986, Optica Acta, 33, 577-591, 'Optics of fractal clusters such as smoke'.  pdf file
150 Berry, M V, 1986, J.Phys.A 19, 2281-2296, 'Spectral zeta functions for Aharonov-Bohm quantum billiards'. pdf file
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152 Berry, M V, 1986, New Scientist 16 October, 60. Review of Symmetry: Unifying Human Understanding, ed. by Istvan Hargittai. pdf file
153 Berry, M V, 1986, 'The unpredictable bouncing rotator: a chaology tutorial machine' in Dynamical systems: a renewal of mechanism, eds. S Diner, 
D Fargue, G Lochak, World Scientific 3-12.
pdf file
154 Berry, M V, 1986, 'Riemann's zeta function: a model for quantum chaos?' in Quantum chaos and statistical nuclear physics, eds. T H Seligman and 
H Nishioka, Springer Lecture Notes in Physics No. 263, 1-17.
pdf file
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A Frigerio, Plenum, NATO ASI series vol. 144, 319-320.
pdf file
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179 Berry, M V, 1988, 'Random renormalization in the semiclassical long-time limit of a precessing spin', PhysicaD, 33, 26-33. pdf file
180 Berry, M V, 1988, 'Le dÃ(c) passement interne des paradignes de la physique classique' (translation - 'Breaking the paradigms of classical physics from within'), in 'Logos et ThÃ(c)orie des catastrophes', ed: J Petitot, (Editions Patino, Geneva) 106-117. pdf file
181 Berry, M V, 1989, 'Uniform asymptotic smoothing of Stokes's discontinuities', Proc. R. Soc. A422 7-21. pdf file
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184 Berry, M V, 1989, 'Quantum scars of classical closed orbits in phase space', Proc. R. Soc. A 423 219-231. pdf file
185 Berry, M V, 1989, Principles of Cosmology and Gravitation (Adam Hilger) (corrected reprint of item 54).  
186 Berry, M V, 1989, 'Studies of Semiclassical Spectra: where next?' in Atomic Physics II, eds: S Haroche, J C Gay, S Grynberg World Scientific 277-279. pdf file
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