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Illustration of the LHC Experiment

After the Big Bang all matter should have been annihilated by its counterpart, antimatter.

Luckily for us, Nature had a preference for matter over antimatter. The tiny fraction of matter that survived now forms the Universe in which we live. But how did this happen?

A difference in the behaviour of antimatter and matter has already been observed but it falls far short of accounting for the excess of matter over antimatter in the early Universe.

Perhaps the matter-antimatter difference is only the tip of an iceberg of new physics waiting to be discovered? The LHCb experiment is set on finding the solution to the mystery.

The picture above illustrates the LHCb experiment - a series of detectors one behind the other over a length of 20 metres and weighing about 4500 tonnes. To learn more see The Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment.