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My research is has been concerned with how living cells and/or other very small objects stick together or can be prevented from sticking together. Some questions that I have addressed are: how to stop bacteria from sticking to urinary catheters and other solid surfaces, treatment of the surfaces of materials used in implants to make them biocompatible, and the fundamental physics of how small bubbles approach and adhere to each other and to solid surfaces.

I am currently now primarily concerned with making science accessible to a wider audience through books, articles, talks and radio and TV broadcasts. To this end I now spend much of my time in delivering talks (from school audiences to the passengers on the QE2), making radio broadcasts with the occasional foray into television, and writing newspaper articles and books (e.g "How to Dunk a Doughnut" and "Weighing the Soul") designed to show My principal approach has been to demonstrate how scientists think about the problems of everyday life and how they have often used this thinking as a basis for significant scientific advances. Books to date are "How to Dunk a Doughnut" (which was named the best popular science book of the year by the American Institute of Physics), "Weighing the Soul", "Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory in Everyday Life" and "The Perfect Swarm: The Science of Complexity in Everyday Life". I am currently working on a new book concerned with forecasting catastrophes. Further information about my activities in making science accessible may be found on my personal website.