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Fort the past fourty years my research has focused on the theory of condensed matter. In particular, it involved the study of Alloy Physics, Magnetism and Superconductivity from a point of view which describes matter as positively charged point nuclei held together by an electron 'glue' subject to the laws of Many-Body Quantum Mechanics. Currently I am engaged on four projects:

  1. First principles description of highly correlated electron systems: M.Luders, A. Ernst, M.Dane, Z.Szotek, A.Svane, D.Kodderitzsch, W.Hergert, B.L.Gyorffy, and W.M.Temmerman Phys. B 97 205109 (2005). Self-interaction correction in multiple scattering theory
  2. Electronic structure of random alloys with short range order: D.A.Rowlands, J.B.Staunton, B.L.Gyorffy, E.Bruno and B.Ginatempo Phys.Rev.B 72 045101 (2005). Effects of short-range order on the electronic structure of disordered metallic systems
  3. Current induced switching of magnetic orientations: K.Capelle, G. Vignale, and B. L. Gyorffy Phys.Rev.Lett. 87 206403 (2001). Spin currents and spin dynamics in time-dependent density functional theory
  4. Quantum Computing using superconducting nanoparticles: D.A. Rodrigues, B.L. Gyorffy, T.P. Spiller J. Phys. Condens. Mat. 16 4477 (2004). Arrays of Cooper pair boxes coupled to a superconducting reservoir: 'superradiance' and 'revivial'