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J Rademacker

Photo - J Rademacker

Recent seminar on Dalitz analyses and measuring gamma with CLEO-c and LHCb data

Monte-Carlo free hadronic B lifetimes at CDF

PG Open Day 2013

Postgraduate statistics course

Postgrad statistics, lecture slides (Jan 2013) (pdf)
Postgrad statistics, lecture slides on Bayesians vs Frequentists, and Confidence Limits (Jan 2013) (pdf)
Postgrad statistics bonus feature: The Punzi Effect (pdf)
Postgrad statistics: Hypothesis Testing (pdf)
Postgrad statistics: Feldman-Cousins confidence intervals (pdf)
Postgrad statistics, problem sheet 2013 (pdf)
The example code for the problem sheet.
data.txt, data.root, garbage.txt garbage.root for the statistics problem sheet.
Postgrad statistics, solutions to problem sheet 2013 (pdf)
Additional statistics problems (these will not be assessed or marked, for solutions, click here).

QED Lecture notes 1
QED Lecture notes 2
QED Lecture notes 3
QED Lecture notes - all, with gaps
QED Lecture notes - all, with equations

MINT - tarred-up source code.
Untar with
tar -zxvf Mint_forTar.tgz
Start with the tutorial in Mint_forTar/MintTutorial.pdf
(This is the Minuit Interface only, the Dalitz Fitter will be put here once it's ready to go public - please contact me if you are interested in using it now.)
MintDalitz documentation